This is your go to place for answers to all your questions about Miriam's Bat Mitzvah.

Questions Like:

When's the Bat Mitzvah?

Where's the Bat Mitzvah?

Where's the Bat Mitzvah Reception?

Where do I stay?
I'm from out of town...

A Note on Questions

There are going to be things you are not familiar with on this website.

We know that, and it is OK to ask questions. In fact, we are counting on you to do just that. 

This event is about welcoming Miriam into the community of Jewish adults, and we want you to feel that you, too are being welcomed into our Jewish community.

Don’t feel silly, or awkward about asking questions.  We would love to share with you the traditions and meaning behind any details you are curious about. -- You are even likely to come up with questions we don’t immediately know the answers to.  Lifelong learning is a core Jewish value, and we are honored to learn along with you. 


Many traditions vary between the different movements (Orthdox, Conservative and Reform) and even within movements from congregation to congregation. So, even if you may know the answer in another context, you might find things slightly different here, and that is normal.  It is OK to say “I always thought X was done this way…”

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